COVID-19 has paralyzed the exhibits and events industry and, as a result, has created a ripple effect of issues and challenges every segment of the exhibit and events industry.

As events this fall, like IMTS and IMEX, continue to be cancelled it begs the question as to what impact the lack of events is not only having on our venues, the associations that produce trade shows, and all those that make their living serving trade shows and trade show customers but what of the union workforce’s pension funds.   A number of union pension plans were already severely underfunded which could result in withdrawal liability for contractors that sell their companies or leave the industry.

This program will examine the status of current pension funds across the nation and investigate these, among other, possible questions:

  • What short and long term impact will COVID-19 have on pension funds?
  • Has COVID-19 accelerated the retirement rate and the draw on pensions?
  • What remedies are being considered for pension shortfalls?
  • What other challenges should event and labor contractors plan for because of pension liabilities?

hosted by Jim Wurm, Executive Director


  • Will Daniels, Attorney, Laner, Muchin, Ltd.
  • Colleen Johnson, Sho-Link
  • Charlie Stevens, Michael Best & Friedrich, LLC