COVID-19 has not only paralyzed our industry but has also complicated the process of serving events and exhibitors.

Once events begin to re-open it may be necessary to travel workers out of town to service exhibitor clients.    And, that’s where the questions begin:

  • How do contractor/employers safeguard those who need to travel for their jobs?
  • What kind of health and safety screening would it be advisable to conduct before sending someone on the road?
  • What do you do if that traveling worker gets infected with symptoms while on the road?
  • What workers comp liability do contractors face if that should happen?

These are just some of the questions we’ll explore during this program with the HR, payroll and Workers Comp experts from Employco USA.

hosted by Jim Wurm, Executive Director


  • Rob Wilson, President, Employco USA
  • David Holloway, COO, Eagle Management
  • Colleen Johnson, Corporate VP, Sho-Link