The EACA conducted a live webinar on Friday, December 18 to discuss all aspects of the recent release of the Pfizer COVID Vaccine.

Our industry has been waiting for more than 9 months for some positive news in hopes we can re-open and return to some sense of normalcy.  Most of that hope has been tied to the development and release of a vaccine to immunize the populus at-large to dampen the incidences of infection by the deadly disease.    A week ago the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine and nearly 3 million doses have been shipped to more than 600 locations this week.   However, with the approval and release of the Pfizer vaccine it is apparent that there are going to be many questions about what, when and how they should communicate with their employees about the immunization process.   Once events begin to re-open it may be necessary for showfloor workers to provide evidence of a negative test, or that they have been immunized.

To that end we have invited Rob Wilson, President/CEO and Jason Eisenhut, VP Human Resources of Employco USA to join us and engage in a range of discussions on issues that all companies should be mindful of as the vaccine becomes widely available.  And, that’s where the questions begin.