Together Again Expo, which took place last Friday, was organized as an industry event that would deliver safety, hope, and a positive path forward for live events.  Live event industry leaders, innovators, and professionals joined in community to showcase new strategies and tools to navigate how live events can be hosted safely and responsibly.

Once events begin to re-open it will be necessary to provide a safe and productive experience for all involved.  No simple task that as every aspect of the event experience needed to be examined and considered for health and safety reasons.  And, that’s where the questions begin:

Some probable questions to review the outcomes of the Together Again Expo are:

  • Were you pleased with the overall results?
  • Were the safety protocols you put in place adequate for all who participants, both exhibitors and attendees?
  • Did you encounter any unexpected challenges?   If so, how did you deal with them?
  • Did you encounter any individuals with health issues?   If so, how were they handled?
  • What kinds of technologies were on display that supports live event production?
  • Were you satisfied with the outcomes of the virtual event?    What metrics can you share?
  • What feedback did you get from your exhibitors?  Attendees?
  • Would you consider doing this again in another location?

Our Panel:
Friday, July 31, at 1pm ET, 12pm CT and 10 am PT,  Jim Wurm, EACA Executive Director will moderate a discusion with this panel:

  • Mark Yuska, President/CEO, Alliance Exposition
  • Nicole Unger, VP Sales, Alliance Exposition
  • David DuBois, President/CEO, IAEE
  • Chris Griffin, President, Crew XP