The inaugural Together Again Expo took place in Orlando on July 24. It was billed as an industry event that would deliver safety, hope, and a positive path forward for live events. Live event industry leaders, innovators, and professionals joined in community to showcase new strategies and tools to navigate how live events can be hosted safely and responsibly.

By all measures the Together Again Expo succeeded in its goals to demonstrate that live trade show events could be held safely and responsibly using the creativity and can do attitude that is widely prevalent in our industry. Produced by Alliance Exposition, the Together Again Expo brought together 1,000 attendees to a 400 exhibit one day exhibition with a conference program and a demonstration stage. It was evident that those in attendance were more than ready to get back to the business of producing events again, even if it was for only one day. But best of all after almost 2 months since that event took place no one in attendance has tested positive for COVID.

Since that first event Mark Yuska, Alliance Exposition CEO, has been looking for the next opportunity to host another demonstration event that will hopefully inform elected and health officials about the way trade shows and events can be held safely. Recently he, and Alliance, announced that Together Again Expo will take place once again in Dallas this time on October 23.

Like before, the Together Again Expo will be a showcase, for all concerned, on how our industry can do just that. Informed by the safety guidelines established by the CDC, GBAC and the GoLiveTogether Task Force, Together Again Live, which will be both a physical and virtual event, will provide insights and information on the tools and technologies that can be implemented to safely re-open our industry.