EACA Member Alert

Dear EACA Member,

Last week the EACA, along with other industry associations, petitioned congressional leaders to provide relief to all trade show industry companies, professionals and employees that have been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, we are asking all our members to join in that effort as we need to continue to make our case and do so with one united voice.  The impact on our industry has been devastating and I know that all of you are experiencing the impact on a first hand basis.  While there is much uncertainty on what can be done individually for our respective jobs and businesses, there is one thing we can all do together to help get the support we need.

Please do the following:

This is a moment in time when all trade show industry professionals in the EAC community need to do what we do best – identify a problem and create a solution.

Thanks in advance for any and all efforts you can make to support this cause.   Meanwhile, be well and stay strong.

We’ll get through this challenge like we have before…..Together!