The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association represents and supports the interests of EACs and all other organizations that provide exhibit services. 

The mission of the EACA is to create tangible value for its members, and the entire trade show industry, by leveraging the combined strengths of the EAC community.   We do this by working openly with all other trade show industry stakeholders to affect positive change including HCEA, CEMA, ED&PA, IAEE, SISO, ESCA, and IAVM and our union brethren.

EACA provides professional development and education through local meetings and this website. In addition, the EACA identifies, evaluates and promotes best practices, new tools, new technologies and new techniques that enable EACs to optimize their business efforts

The association is currently comprised of more than 200 member companies representing more than 12,500 full time trade show professionals, and more than 50,000 part time trade show workers.