The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association (EACA) is a community of EACs, all other exhibit service companies, and allied industry organizations.

Who Can Join?

Set upIf your company provides products or services to exhibitors and event managers and want to elevate your profile and status among existing and future customers the EACA is for you.

Active members of the EACA include companies from the following Service Categories:

AV, Carpet/Flooring, Computer Rental, Exhibits – Custom, Modular or Rental, Exhibit Transportation, Floral, Furniture, I&D, Personnel – Models/Talent, Photography, Security 

Allied members of the EACA include companies from the following Industry segments:

Exhibitors, Facilities, General Service Contractors, Publications, Show Organizers, Unions

Member Benefits

Member BenefitsEACA members derive advantages from the only industry association that represents the interests of the “non-official” exhibit service providers.    We advocate to show organizers and general service contractors on behalf of all EACs to level the playing field for all concerned and to make sure you have unfettered access to servicing your client on the showfloor.  

The EACA is currently made up of more than 200 corporate members who enjoy these member benefits:

  • Advocacy. The EACA advocates for the interests of all EACs and exhibit service companies at national industry meetings
  • Best Practices. The EACA identifies and publishes Exhibit/Event Industry Best Practices, and promotes them to all industry stakeholders.
  • Business Development. The EACA provides business development education and customer service programs for our members,.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd. EACA members join our community to enhance their visibility to potential exhibitor clients who use the EACA site to source potential service providers. Members also are able to obtain mission critical data to inform business strategies and budgets, or learn from one another in our blogs and forums.
  • Be in the Know. EACA collects budget data, case studies, industry studies, and educational articles to the advantage of our community of EACs.
  • Increase Revenues/Save Money. The mission of the EACA is to leverage the combined strengths of our EAC community to provide tangible value to our members.   We do this by taking advantage of our group buying power, promoting the value of EAC services to exhibitors-at-large, and generating enhanced recognition of our member companies through our EAC registration process. 

Member Categories

All memberships in the EACA are corporate memberships and are designed to provide benefits to small and large companies alike.

EACA membership categories are:

Designed for small local companies
Operate in 1 to 3 trade show markets
Extend member privileges for up to 5 employees
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Designed for medium-sized regional companies
Operate in up to 6 trade show markets
Up to 10 employees to enjoy member privileges
Privileges at meetings and on the web site
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Designed for larger regional companies
Operate in up to 10 trade show markets
Up to 25 employees to enjoy member privileges
Privileges at meetings and on the web site
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Designed for national companies
Operate in all US trade show markets
Up to 50 employees to enjoy member privileges
Privileges at meetings and on the web site
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Download the EACA member application, or apply online.

If you have additional questions on EACA membership please contact Jim Wurm at [email protected]