21.02.18 Show Organizer Plans for 2021

Event Details

The EACA will be livestreaming a panel discussion on Thursday, February 18, at 1pm ET, 12pm CT, and 10am PT, to discuss show organizer plans for 2021.  

The COVID pandemic has paralyzed the exhibits and events industry for almost a year.   While the presence of an effective vaccine and the infection and death rates on the decline are positive signs,  the uncertainty of the future of shutdown orders and the anxiety associated with event participation creates enormous ongoing challenges for event organizers.    How do they attract exhibitors and attendees to participate in their events? What new procedures and protocols will be put in place to provide for everyone’s personnel safety?  And, how has this pandemic fundamentally changed their event’s organization and the event industry business model?

This program will not only investigate show organizer plans for 2021, we will also discuss how organizers are addressing today’s event production issues and what they have been doing to maintain a level of connection and engagement with both their exhibitor and attendee audiences.

Some probable questions are:

  • What decisions have you had to make regarding your event’s production at present?
  • What input have you received from your facility regarding safety protocols?
  • What are you doing to maintain some level of connection with your customer audiences?
  • What other ideas do you have around event production moving forward?

hosted by Jim Wurm, Executive Director


  • Linda Benck, Director, Event Services, Smith, Bucklin
  • Jon Osing, Director Event Operations, Informa
  • John Jaworski, Director, Technical Event Services, RSNA


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