EACA Empanels New Board

The EACA (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association) has re-established itself as the trade show industry association that is the voice of the EAC community.   The association recently empaneled its new Board of Directors and held its first official Board meeting at EDPA ACCESS on December 2, 2016 to welcome its new Directors and elect its Officers for 2017.   The new EACA Board is comprised of active industry leadership from the EAC community as well as industry leaders from the other primary segments of the industry.

The EACA Board is comprised of 8 EAC Directors, 6 industry Directors, Jim Wurm, its Executive Director, and Don Svehla, its Ex-Officio Director.

The EAC Directors on the Board are:

President                      Shannon Scherer, Nth Degree

Vice President              Randy Bott, Momentum Management

Treasurer                      David Holloway, Eagle Management

Secretary                      Bernie Massett, MC2

Past President              Chris Griffin, TS Crew

EAC Director                 John O’Shea, Czarnowski

EAC Director                 Steve Johnson, Renaissance Management

EAC Director                 Mike Metzger, Zenith LaborNet


The trade show industry Directors on the EACA Board are:

Exhibitor Director                        Rich Gilligan, SAP

Show Mgr. Director                     John Jaworski, RSNA

Union Director                             Bob Lessin, IUPAT

Facility Director                           Bob McClintock, SMG

Exhibit Builder Director               Brian Phebus, Metro Exhibit Corp.

General Service Contractor        April Hurley, The Expo Group