The EACA Is Back


The EACA is back.

I want to welcome you to our re-focused and re-energized association.   In addition to being the singular voice of companies like yours, our mission is to create tangible value for you, and all EACA members, by leveraging the combined strengths of our community.     After all, we know that there are a great many things that we can accomplish together that would beyond the reach, or resources, of any of our individual members.

While there are a great many ways we intend to generate this value some of the first initiatives we will pursue include:

  • Establishing a consistent local presence in key markets.   The EACA will host meetings 2x annually in major markets to connect with members on a local level to address the needs and interests of each local community.
  • Improving our relations and agreements with our labor partners by working in collaboration with all contractors (GCs and EACs) to affect better collective bargaining agreements.
  • Working with our trade show industry partners (i.e. show management, facilities, and general service contractors) to develop standards of conduct and access to our customers on the show floor.
  • And, leveraging our collective purchasing power to generate member savings when purchasing consumable supplies and business services.