UBC Eastern District Value Added Commitment

Representatives from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Eastern District (UBC), Exhibitor Appointed Contractors Association (EACA) and the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) came together last week in Washington DC to sign a Value-Added Commitment (VAC) aimed at improving the ability to deliver first class customer service and cost savings for the customers of the exhibition industry.

By signing the Value- Added Commitment, the UBC, the EACA and the ESCA are committing to working together to achieve the following 5 goals to benefit members, contractors, exhibitors and customers of the trade show industry throughout the Eastern District:

  • Free Movement of Labor within the District
  • Customer Service Training
  • Establishment of a Drug-Free Workplace
  • Safety Training
  • Industry Specific Skills Training.

This commitment is the result of a specially formed working committee comprised of UBC and industry leaders who attended the UBC’s Trade Show Summit in March. The VAC enshrines principles all parties agreed were important in establishing the best environment for workers and contractors to build market share and create more jobs.

“What I appreciate about working with the Carpenters is they understand the importance of training and customer service,” said Jim Wurm, Executive Director of the EACA. “They really treat our members as customers and are committed to responding to their needs.”

“The Carpenters came to us as employers to partner with them to create the Value-Added Commitment for the betterment of the entire industry,” said Larry Arnaudet, Executive Director of the ESCA. “We are looking forward to working together to promote this Commitment throughout the Eastern District.”

This program will be piloted throughout the UBC’s Eastern District, a region comprised of 5 separate regional councils from Maine to Washington, D.C. “We are dedicated to building strong partnerships with our employers and creating work opportunities for our members,” said UBC Eastern District Vice President Michael Capelli. “Our goal is to better understand the needs of the industry so we can give our members the highest quality training to get the job done.” Capelli said. “This Value-Added Commitment will help us achieve that goal.”

About the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Eastern District

The Eastern District is comprised five Regional Carpenter Councils located on the East Coast, from Maine to Virginia. Councils include the New England Regional Council of Carpenters, the New York City District Council of Carpenters, the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters, Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council and the Eastern Millwright Regional Council of Carpenters. Together they represent thousands of highly skilled men and women who provide safe, productive work for their employers every day.

Visit them at https://ubceasterndistrict.org

About Exhibitor Appointed Contractors Association (EACA)

The mission of the EACA is to create tangible value for the its members, and the entire trade show industry, by leveraging the combined strengths of the EAC community.   We do this by working openly with all other trade show industry stakeholders to affect positive change including HCEA, CEMA, ED&PA, IAEE, SISO, ESCA, and IAVM and our union brethren.

The association is currently comprised of more than 200 member companies representing more than 12,500 full time trade show professionals, and more than 50,000 part time trade show workers.