Showfloor Buzz – July 19, 2017

Viscovich Retirement

He could pass for the actor who portrays the “most interesting man in the world”.   But Ken Viscovich, who officially retires on July 28 2017 as the International Representative for the Carpenters, has far more important things on his mind than shilling for an imported Mexican beer. To the contrary, Ken has built a career of success, and significant impact on our industry, by focusing on the interests of others rather than by making an effort to be “interesting”.

So it is left to those of us who have had the pleasure to work with Ken, and who know him well, to inform everyone else that makes their living in our great industry why we owe him our sincere debt of thanks.
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Group Purchase Update

EACA has recently sent out RFPs for our Group Purchasing program.      The Group Purchasing Program, which is schedule to launch in October 2017,  will allow our members, particularly our small to medium-sized companies to take advantage of the combined purchasing power of our membership by obtaining better rates for the purchase of consumable items that are fundamental to their service offering.

Webinar Schedule

The EACA will be launching our monthly webinar program in September 2017.      EACA Webinars will be free to all active members are will cover a number of topics of great interest to our membership.
See our Preliminary Webinar Schedule.

WIS Badges to be Required in San Diego

Effective August 1, 2017, the San Diego Convention Center will begin a transition to the ESCA Exhibition Industry Worker Identification System WIS Badge.
In order to remain flexible during this transition, the SDCCC will continue to provide temporary photo ID badges at security at a cost of $5. These badges will be good for the run of the event and will expire afterwards. This nominal fee is intended to encourage a move to the WIS Badge system and recuperate costs of materials and time for our staff.
We understand that this transition will require planning and time on everyone’s part, so we have done our best to ensure an accommodating timeline with plenty of advanced notice. Here are the key dates:
  • Mid-June 2017: Letter notifications sent to all contractor partners and exhibitor appointed contractors EACs) after the official announcement
  • July 1, 2017: Each worker who checks in at Security will be provided with informational handouts that contain WIS Badge information and frequently asked questions
  • August 1, 2017: Convention Center Security will begin charging a $5 fee for each temporary contractor badge made.
  • January 1, 2018: All contractors, suppliers, vendors, and EACs who work in the facility must be identified with the WIS Badge or the credential issued by the SDCCC.