Best Practice

As part of its strategic mission, the EACA endeavors to assist its EAC members maximize their servicing capabilities and minimize their associated risks by publishing Best Practice recommendations for the management and administration of an EAC’s business.    In reviewing the information contained herein, all members are reminded that these are recommendations of best practices, and not an edict or membership requirement. Individual members must ultimately use their own best judgment in how to implement these recommendations.


BillingIn response to member concerns, the EACA empaneled an Ad Hoc Committee to develop best practices for members who are concerned about their billing & collections procedures.

While all members recognize that they must use their own best judgment to determine appropriate billing & collections policies and procedures, the EACA offers the following Best Practice Recommendations to provide input on how you might be able to improve your internal efforts.

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The EACA Board has recently announced the publication of its Recommended Health & Safety Practices for safely Re-opening Events.

“For the past  year the EACA has been involved in a great number of efforts to educate, inform and advocate for our members in light of the COVID pandemic”, said EACA President David Holloway of Eagle Management.   “As we move toward re-opening events, we are now in the position of providing thought leadership in how our members, and all industry colleagues, conduct themselves in our industry’s venues to insure the highest level of health and safety for themselves, and our industry’s customers,” Holloway concluded.



SafetyAs workers compensation insurance and health insurance costs continue to challenge all members, particularly those with significant numbers of full and part time employees, the EACA empaneled an Ad Hoc Committee to investigate.    The committee was charged with the responsibility to look into the causes of these rising costs, and develop a recommendation on how they might be better controlled.

They developed the recommendation for Best Practices on Safety, Training & Emergency Preparedness. This thorough report provides EACA members with detailed instructions on who to make a proactive effort to train its workforce on safety measures that could significantly reduce the numbers and severity of incidents that occur on the showfloor during move-in and move-out.