Showfloor Buzz – June 1, 2023


EACA Pushes Back on Fees.    The EACA Board met in Louisville at ExhibitorLive recently and discussed an old issue that seems to be cropping up again – EAC Fees.

The EACA was first founded 25 years ago because there was a growing trend by some associations and show organizers to charge an EAC fee.    Those charging the fees were justifying the decision by the “costs” they say they incur when they pursue a copy of the EACs Certificate of Insurance (COI) to gain entry to the venue.   But that argument rings hollow when the fee is charged for every booth the EAC services when they only need to obtain one copy of the COI.  Worst of all, the EAC, becuase of their low margins in a highly competitive market, has no choice but to pass the cost onto their client

So, the EACA devised a better way that doesn’t penalize the exhibitor.  It’s called our EAC registration service and we’ve been servicing major trade shows for more than 20 years.

We suspect that as many associations and organizers are short handed and have new and inexperienced staff that they might not know of this alternative.   So if any of our members, or anyone in the EAC Community runs into a show charging a fee let us know.

We’ll do our best to correct the situation.

EACA Salary Survey.  A quick reminder to any EACA member that participated in the 2023 Salary Survey and didn’t receive your copy please email Jim Wurm ([email protected]) and we’ll send it out right away,

EAC Registration Schedule. EACA is supporting the following events with our EAC registration services:

BIO Industry Show               June 8-11               Boston
Summer Fancy Foods         June 25-27             New York
Pack Expo                           Sept. 11-13            Las Vegas

EACA Member News

Brumark Promotes 3 Deserving Stars  <Exhibit City News>  Please join the Brumark team in congratulating Rick Pierson on his well-deserved promotion to National Sales Director! Rick has been with Brumark for over 13 years, starting as an Account Executive and working his way up to become a Sales Manager in 2016.

Congratulations to Stephanie Cochran on her well-deserved promotion to Senior Client Experience Manager at Brumark! Her extensive experience in the flooring industry, combined with her passion for delivering exceptional client experiences, make her the ideal candidate for this important role.

Congratulations to Leslie Thompson on her recent promotion to National Sales Director! Her hard work, dedication to customer service, and leadership skills, have truly paid off.

Take Advantage of New Health Insurance Offering. The EACA has recently joined the Small Association Leadership Alliance (SALA) in order to take advantage of their health insurance programs which can offer discounts up to 50% of what companies and individuals typically pay for coverages with carriers like Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Member companies, or individual employees of member companies, can enroll in the program.  Additional information on how members take advantage of these programs is on the EACA website.  Click on Healthcare Insurance for a program overview.  When you click on SALA Healthcare Program you will come to a page where you can see a link to Enroll Now.

If need assistance in getting your program set up there is a 24/7 Concierge Service to assist you.  

Just send an email to [email protected]

Industry News

ECA Legislative Action Day <TSNN>  As the events industry continues its robust recovery following the pandemic, the Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance’s (ECA) Legislative Action Day will return to Washington, D.C., on June 1, bringing industry advocates and leaders to meet with members of Congress about important federal policy priorities.

The one-day program this year will feature a breakfast and policy briefing, plenty of opportunities throughout the day for peer-to-peer networking and a post-event reception.

According to Tommy Goodwin, VP of Government Affairs for ECA, this year’s ECA Legislative Action Day will concentrate on three important issues to further advance the industry’s recovery:

  • visa delays, which are preventing many international visitors from attending events in the U.S.;
  • impersonation fraud, which includes attendee list scams and hotel reservation scams; and
  • the industry’s future workforce.

FBI Warns Against Airport Charging Stations Stop using public charging stations, that’s the latest warning from the FBI.  These charging stations are found at airports, hotels and shopping centers.

While these charging stations may be convenient when your phone or electronic devices need a charge, they can be loaded with malware.

This scam is known as juice jacking. When your phone or iPad needs “juice” or a charge, the FBI said if you plug your device into a public charging station that is loaded with malware it may lock your electronic device, or send private information such as passwords, addresses, banking information or even a full backup of your phone to criminals.

TSNN Launches Exhibitor News Network <TSNN> TSNN the top online news source for the trade show industry, launched Exhibitor News Network (ENN), a new website, e-newsletter and social channels for exhibit management and event marketing professionals who participate in U.S. exhibition industry, valued at the $101 billion, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). Exhibitors represent 70% of the revenues generated from the trade show industry, CEIR research finds..